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ABOUT CG Photography

Photography has long since been a passion of mine, something I began in my youth, capturing all of life’s moments when I could. My passion developed from a passing interest into a hobby when my kids came along, enjoying being able to preserve their triumphs and joys with a click of my camera. The various trips we took and all of the activities they joined in allowed me to develop my skill more thoroughly, and here we are now! My hobby has turned into one of the greatest joys in my life, wanting to share what I see from behind the camera with others!

With not only Senior Portraits under my belt, but also Weddings, Family Photos, Babies, and so much more, I hope to be able to help preserve your special moment with a click.


Explore CG Photography's portfolio, spanning from Babies to Weddings and everything in between!


Learn more about CG Photography's travels all around the globe and see what she captures with her eye!
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In June of 2008, Scott and I took the kids and his parents to beautiful Scotland. It was the first time the kids (6 and 4 years old) and Gail (mother-in-law) traveled internationally. We visited...



Welcome to Carol Grabins Photography. This site is only a sample of the many pictures I have taken through the years. Seeing the world through my lenses has given me the opportunity to capture...